How To Keep A Cigar

June 19, 2014

How To Keep A Cigar

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The following table provides a summary of important Git terminology discussed in this section.. Git allows addressing commits via commit reference for this purpose.

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Branches can track another branch. This is called to have an upstream branch and such branches can be referred to as tracking branches.. The ours strategy merges a branch without looking at the changes introduced in this branch. This keeps the history of the merged branch but ignores the changes introduced in this branch.

Display the Clock and Stop It When It Reaches Zero

In some applications, it is not feasible for the debugger to interrupt the program's execution long enough for the developer to learn anything helpful about its behavior. If the program's correctness depends on its real-time behavior, delays introduced by a debugger might cause the program to change its behavior drastically, or perhaps fail, even when the code itself is correct. It is useful to be able to observe the program's behavior without interrupting it.. You can run JUnit tests in UI this way:

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